Should I be worried that I leave on Friday for two weeks in South Africa and Zimbabwe and still have not:

  • taken my Rx for antimalarial meds and antibiotics to CVS to get filled
  • compiled all of my travel docs (i.e., where am I staying and when?)
  • figured out what I need to pack
  • finished all of the work I need to do for work

Right now I’m pretty calm about everything. But that may be the deceptive calm before the storm. Luckily I’ve traveled to South Africa before, but this is a first for my mom. The first time she’s:

  • been to a developing country
  • traveled for more than a few days with me
  • meandered through a vacation without my Dad

I’m anticipating there may be some stormy weather ahead…

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I’m flying to Denver later today. Have I packed? Mmmm, no. Could I tell you what time my flight is? Welllll, roughly 3pm…I think? Generally I am an uber planner in terms of pre-printing boarding passes and checking flight status. This go around, I haven’t done a thing.

I did just try to create a flight status notification on United (something I regularly do on American so that I know if/when flights are delayed), but since I know nothing about my flight, it won’t let me! And for the life of me, with only a few minutes to search, I couldn’t navigate to find the flight number and departure time I needed on the site. Compared with the American and Southwest websites, I’d have to say, United is definitely lagging.

Now fingers crossed that thunderstorms in Denver won’t delay my flight. Bets as to whether there will be delays today?

I’m leaving on a road trip to my college reunion in about 7 hours. All this week I’ve been having visions of blown tires and cracked engine belts as my car tires are tending toward replacement time and my motor has been making some funny sounds. Valvoline gave sign off yesterday after an oil change, but I’m still wary. Luckily, my best friend offered her car instead of mine for travel. 

Road trip here we come!

(And for those in need of an oil change, Valvoline in Newton is offering 15 year anniversary oil changes for $19.99 through today!)