The last few weeks I have been seriously debating whether my travel karma has traveled to my immune system. Over the last few weeks I’ve battled a sinus infection (had to miss a day of work and had a lot of fun running later in the week with zero snot control), the norovirus complete with a 100 degree fever (which is probably just about the worst I’ve felt in about 6 years since I last had the norovirus Spring Training ’04), and then another weird iteration of sinus something post-noro. All in all, a good time. There’s nothing like having a constantly stuffed, yet runny nose, an inability to eat, and constantly having to run to the restroom. I joked with a friend that I felt like a human petri dish.

Amazingly enough, I’ve been able to continue to battle through some training runs. It hasn’t been pretty–but I’ve made it. Last week, the norovirus made working out pretty impossible for a good 3-4 days, but I powered through a 10 miler on the treadmill on Saturday. Of course, that workout was followed promptly by five hours of sleeping/laying on the couch in exhaustion and trying to figure out what my stomach could muster…

Now tonight my sig other has determined that I have some kind of gallbladder issue…attack of the gallbladder!

I could pack it in and say, enough!, my body is revolting! However, another illness is more pressing…my mom’s. She’s been waging her own private body war the last few months in an extreme amount of pain. They have finally determined what they think is the source of the problem, and she’ll be having a somewhat scary surgery Monday morning. It’s of course, all related to the aneurysm and stroke she had back in 1991. And that’s why I’m running the marathon. So despite illness karma, I’m going to keep getting up at 5:45, I’m going to keep wiping my runny nose on my running gear, and I’m going to keep raising awareness about stroke.

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