Long time no post…but updates coming soon. Particularly with a road trip to Montreal this weekend and several trips to Texas in November. After spending much of this week tracking holiday flight prices, a quick list of not-so-fun things about holiday travel:

  • Tickets are ridiculously expensive…even when you fly on Thanksgiving at 7pm, and back on Monday arriving home after 10pm.
  • There are no direct flights. This is true of flights for Boston to San Antonio outside of the holiday season, but generally I have rarely been able to ever make it on a direct flight for Tday…it’s as if they mysteriously disappear.
  • Flights that are cheapest are generally the most likely to be delayed, cancelled, or the last flight out (which if you encounter other delays, thanks to the fact that it’s not a direct flight, you’ll get stuck in the layover airport).
  • You have to fly with your partner. That doesn’t stink (because it’s fun to spend the holiday with your loved ones) but it does not make negotiating for your partner to spend insane amounts of money to visit your family, the ones who live a plane ride away, very fun.
  • Chicago layovers…need I say more? 

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