Tonight I had my wallet taken directly out of my purse as I was sitting eating dinner with friends. A slightly overweight gentleman and his lady friend sat down at the table behind me. He knocked my chair slightly as he sat down so I turned around to see if he needed more space and offer to adjust my chair if needed–not even realizing that he was at that very moment sticking his hand where it didn’t belong–in my purse.

Among a range of emotions the one that came out most forcefully when I later discovered my wallet was gone: anger. Anger at myself in many ways. I got a great look at the guy who did it and even felt something was going on…but didn’t think about my purse! So I’m embarking on a Nancy Drew like endeavor to track all of this down. Watch out buddy, I’m going to be gumshoeing for you–and your lady friend. That’s right, in addition to filing the mandatory police report, I was on the phone with CVS for an hour tracking down video of you buying things with my credit card. Can’t wait for the other stores to reopen tomorrow so I can track down more video tapes!

I have to say, I thought my karma was on a bit of an upswing, but having all of your personal information stolen (as well as some really meaningful silly stuff like photos) is a major karma kick back. We did have a lovely waiter who helped us and without any prompting said, “Well, at least you know you have a whole lot of good things coming your way soon!” I appreciated his enthusiasm, but I’m not so sure. We’ll see.

More wallet saga to come soon–as well as some helpful tips I’ve discovered about traveling safely with personal belongings.

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