This past month there has been so much traveling and so much moving I haven’t had time to sit down and do a proper post–or any post at all! But here are some sneak peeks at a few fun things I’ve encountered:

* An angry motorist honking and screaming at me yesterday as I walked across an intersection (where I had the right of way). Apparently the sight of me being on the phone was the last straw in her road rage and for a moment I saw my life flash before my eyes as her car started accelerating toward me. Luckily the car in front of her was blocking her path and I made it safely to the other side…barely.

* The pilot of an AirTran flight from Newport News, VA to Boston, MA opening his remarks-required-by-duty via harmonica. Let me tell you, the melodious sounds of that metal instrument do not travel well via plane speakers. Nice attempt at being catchy and funny…ultimately took out part of my eardrum.

* Walking down to my car and realizing it had a mighty gangster lean—or rather two flat tires. How a car gets two flats from sitting in the garage? I’ll never know. After being told by my car expert brother that I couldn’t break anything trying to change it myself, I broke the tire key, got it stuck in the driveway trying to pull out, had to call AAA, and ultimately have a mechanic (thank you Arbuckle Mobil!) spend 9 hours trying to get my tires off…good times.

* Trying to book a two week trip to South Africa in less than six weeks for my mom, who has never ventured to the African continent, and me. This included fun questions like ‘Are we going to Zaire?’ ‘Does this hotel have a heated pool?’ ‘Can we do a day trip to Ghana?’ Answers included: Zaire is no longer the name of the DRC as of ~1997. Seriously?! And, no, Ghana is about 3,000 miles away from South Africa. Would you want to do a day trip to San Francisco from New York?

So has the travel karma become better or worse over the last month? It’s pretty much a toss up. Stay tuned for more travel stories soon–including what I’m sure will be some great ones from South Africa!

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